Free Software Training Workshops

Create, Manage, and Maintain your Software

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These recorded workshops are dedicated to provide insight to specific areas of your Church Community Builder software for you and your team whenever you want. Use the chapters to navigate to specific areas you want to learn.

Data Clean-up

Learn how to keep your data clean and what we can do to help!

Financial Settings

Learn how to set-up your site for receiving transactions.

Processing Finances

Watch this recording to learn how to enter and manage transactions.

System Settings

Training for Master Admins and those with System Settings admin access to learn how to get set-up!

Group Strategy

Before setting up your groups, think through Departments, group types and more.


This recording will teach you how to set-up and run your check-in stations.

Scheduling Volunteers

Learn how to schedule and communicate with your volunteers.

Lead App

Learn how to use the Lead App.


Watch this recording to learn how to create and manage forms.

Process Queues

Watch this recording to learn how to create and manage process queues.

Searches and Reports

Learn how to find a list of people based on common data and report on those people.


Learn how to create, view, and share data through Metrics.

Rooms & Resources

Learn how to create and manage Room and Resource requests and reservations.


Running VBS? Watch this recording to learn how our software can help.

Launching Small Groups

Tim White shares his knowledge and expertise in launching small groups.