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These recorded workshops are dedicated to provide insight to specific areas of your Church Community Builder software for you and your team whenever you want. Use the chapters to navigate to specific areas you want to learn.

Getting Started - Admins

Software Overview - Admin Perspective

Watch an overview of your Church Community Builder software.

Settings Part I- Getting Started

Training for Master Admins. We take a look at foundational tools and information needed to get you started.

Settings Part II- Site Set-up

In this training, we will look at the set-up required for your Church Community Builder site.

People - Profiles

Learn how to create and manage profiles.

Group Strategy

Before setting up your groups, think through Departments, group types and more.

*New! Group Promotion

Learn how to promote your children each year, how to mass add or remove people within groups.

Financial Settings

Learn how to set-up your site for receiving transactions.

Processing Finances

Watch this recording to learn how to enter and manage transactions.

Lead App

Learn how to use the Lead App.


View the upcoming changes to our scheduling volunteers tool. Learn to schedule and manage volunteers at your church!

Service Planning

Coming soon - create a servce plan for your services, learn about our Song Libray options, song select integration and more!


In this video, we will look at Calendars, Event creation/management, and sending invitations.


This recording will teach you how to set-up and run your check-in stations.


This video will demonstrate setting up, recording, and reporting on attendance.

Mail Merge

In this training, we will learn how to create and manage mail merges.


Watch this recording to learn how to create and manage forms.

Creating Process Queues

Watch this recording to learn how to create process queues.

Managing Process Queues

Watch this recording to learn how to manage a process as a process manager.

Managing Queues- Queue Manager

Watch this recording to learn how to manage a queue as a queue manager with no additional admin access.

Reporting & Searching

Learn how to find a list of people based on common data and report on those people.

Common Custom Reports

Learn how to find members, givers, those who don't give, those with no activity and more.


Learn how to create, view, and share data through Metrics.

Rooms & Resources

Learn how to create and manage Room and Resource requests and reservations.

FAQ on Schedules

Learn how to schedule and communicate with your volunteers.

FAQ on Groups

Top 20 questions about groups.

Congregation - Volunteers

Overview for your congregation.

How to update your profile, run your giving statement and more.

Schedules - The Volunteer

This recording is broken down into three main parts. Managing serving through Text, Email, and by logging in (browser). Skipping chapters encourged!

Managing Your Group

As a group leader, learn how to manage your groups.


Guest Follow-up

Watch as a triner walks you through setting up a guest follow-up process.

Launching Small Groups

Tim White shares his knowledge and expertise in launching small groups.


Running VBS? Watch this recording to learn how our software can help.

Data Clean-up

Learn how to keep your data clean and what we can do to help!